How You Can Help

SSS is a volunteer-based charity organisation and hence your help is valuable to us.

This is your chance to prove that despite the wars and conflicts around the globe, there are still people who want to make a change and look forward to a better future for the whole world.

Our people will be forever grateful to you.

SSS works with and for children to help them deal with life’s harshest challenges and face the future with confidence, with limited resources to implement various programs aiming at socio-economic development. Women and children get preference as under present conditions women are lagging behind. With this realization, SSS has undertaken various programs.

Not only for women, programs have been launched for protecting child rights – activities cover street children, working children in hazardous occupations, domestic child labor, scheduled castes, brothel children and many more. Efforts are made to help children realize their full potential through proper rehabilitation, formal and functional education, health care facilities, safe homes, food and clothing. Behavioural changes and developing moral values are also further aims of this effort. SSS is progressing in spite of many obstacles.

But the future promises a more difficult course and we have to much to overcome. Would you like to make a child smile, or get involved in humanitarian activities? Of course you do- because happiness, grief, and hardship affect us all. Lets work together for a happier world.