Our Objectives

Improvement of standard of living of the vulnerably poor and disadvantaged communities through support to their self-employment and income earning activities
Support to activities contributive to social justice, harmony and tranquility
Awareness raising about real life situation through interactive communication
Forging unity among the members of poorer and disadvantaged communities by organizing them in cohesive groups
Promoting target group IGAs/enterprises and employment opportunities by facilitating adoption and practice of innovative technologies
Enhancement of awareness level and skills of target group members through appropriate training and demonstration
Leadership development and qualitative improvement of group activities
Widening access to health services for all through management of curative and preventive diseases
Promotion of environmental and ecological balance through awareness raising campaign and effective action plan
Protection and promotion of child rights as per UN/ILO convention and Bangladesh Child Rights Forum Guidelines and rehabilitation of children of the prostitutes
Support to withdrawal and rehabilitation of children from risky and worst form of employment
Prevention of child trafficking and torture and overall child well being
Social equity and gender balancing through women empowerment and creation of environment for greater women participation in political, social and economic activities
Poverty alleviation and economic upliftment of target group community by encouraging to agro-fisheries and poultry-livestock based enterprises
Enrichment of local socio-cultural norms and values through demonstrative practices
Building awareness about social degradation and preventive measures
Forging partnership and networking among the NGOs, CBOs and other development actors in the arena of poverty alleviation