History of SSS

Founded in 1986 by a group of inspired social workers, the Society for Social Service (SSS) is a pro-poor non-governmental development organization aspiring for a just and peaceful society free from hunger and all sorts of human miseries. It specifically works for the disadvantaged and down trodden segment of the society and has on its agenda a host activities geared towards poverty alleviation, promotion of human rights and social justice, promotion of health and nutrition, education, rescue and rehabilitation, dissemination of echo-environment friendly technology, upholding of social norms and values, gender equity and many more.

Consistently grown over the years after humble begging in 1986, SSS at the moment has been working in eight districts of Bangladesh and has established itself in an esteemed position both among the donors/subscribers and the target group communities. The track record of experiences gained from collaborations with different national and international agencies have added to the edge of SSS in the specific fields of micro-credit line poverty alleviation in general and empowerment of women, protection and promotion of child rights in particular. Introduction and popularisation of innovative agricultural and fish cultivation practices has proven to be a successful strategy for quicker and sustainable development of SSS target group community.