Welcome Letter

The overwhelming majority of Bangladesh population still lives in rural areas – in the traditional villages, so to say. But life in villages is changing fast. The closer and closer rural-urban interaction and communication over the years has changed the traditional socio-politico-cultural make-up of the rural communities. Awareness and receptivity among the rural population have markedly elevated. Innovative ideas and technologies are increasingly making their ways to the villages. But still there remains a long way to go.

The persistent poverty, illiteracy, traditional low yielding skills, lack of capital and many other similar problems are hinging on the ways of their development. Particularly speaking, the women and children in a paternalistic society like ours are still subjected to multi faceted deprivation, disparities, deception, inequalities and miseries. The prevailing superstitions and the overall social attitude to them need to be changed to bring balance and harmony in the society at large as well as to exploit the best national development potential.

Happily enough, Society for Social Service (SSS) has since long been aware of the need and numbers of rural poverty oriented programs are being undertaken with special on women and children. Believer in social equity and justice, SSS since its birth has been working to add on the pace of rural development, particularly of the vulnerably disadvantaged like the destitute women, backward ethnic groups, children of poor families, sexworker, ethnic minority, domestic child workers, disabled and so on.

The experiences that SSS have gained so far from working with the rural poor communities are just illuminating; insistently leading towards more and more success both in terms of its own growth and reaching out to the target group members with multi-dimensional services urgently needed by them.

The achievements and results of SSS efforts are already on board. More than 180000 family and 25000disadvangated children are currently being supported by SSS with credit, education, health and development services, many of them by now have shown qualitative changes in their lives. SSS has positioned itself as a trusted and effective pro-poor organization. This is a testimony of firm commitment to the causes of humanity as well as sincere and hard labor of my colleagues, well wishers, patrons –irrespective of ranks and file. I congratulate them all.

We all keep on trying heart and soul to reach out to those who are still groaning in the traps of poverty and other social vices. That’s our duty. If you would like to join with us you are most welcome always.

Best wishes and thanks to all, once again.